Sackville is a small town of 5500 souls (2011) – plus or minus 2200 Mount Allison students, depending on the time of year – located between Amherst, Nova Scotia, and Moncton, New Brunswick. A mere fifty minutes from Prince Edward Island, this little town really does lie at the heart of the Maritime provinces.

Located on the “right” side of the NS/NB border (according to MrSackvillain), we pay taxes to the New Brunswick government but at some level consider ourselves a Nova Scotia town. It could be because town limits lie a measly 6.5 km drive from the Nova Scotia border – or it could be that for about a hundred years, Sackville, NB was actually a town in Nova Scotia. [Note: Sackville, NB is not to be confused with Sackville, NS, a suburb of Halifax.] When Nova Scotia was divided by the colonial government in 1784, creating the colony of New Brunswick, Sackville was the only one of the original NS townships to end up on the NB side of the border. (Sackville Then and Now, 2013)


Settled by the Mi’kmaq, Acadians, New England Planters, Yorkshire immigrants and Loyalists, the town grew up to be the home of lumber barons, shipbuilders, the Methodist/United Church, and of course, Mount Allison University.

Fiercely loyal to their town and fellow Sackvillains, Eat Local-Shop Local has long been the motto of the folks who live here. In addition, for a small town, there is a lot going on: indy music and movies (sometimes at the same place!); scholarly presentations at the University; make-your-own projects at the Owens Art Gallery; fantastic little eateries and coffee shops – all of this and more – plus, of course, a place or two to whet your whistle!

In two or three posts per week, I hope to interview some interesting Sackvillains; keep up-to-date on the goings-on, both in town and at the University; profile various businesses and their owners; and maybe even share some of Sackville’s best-kept secrets.

Please feel free to get in touch, either by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page, or find me on Facebook/Sackvillains.


2 thoughts on “Where??

  1. Hello! What a delightful place this sounds. And I love the idea of your writing about the ‘movers and shakers’ of Sackville! I’m in the UK, (congested London) so for me, reading about your town is a real treat – a million miles away in atmosphere and life as well. I’ve really enjoyed reading. Thank you 🙂

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  2. Hello, fellow Canadian. Just popping over from “First Friday” to see if this is the Sackville I’ve heard about. I’m from Sask. 🙂
    Best wishes in your blogging adventure. One tip I’ll leave: you need to use categories and tags on your posts so they’ll be sent to the Reader for other bloggers to see. An uncategorized blog post goes nowhere. To get more ideas on this, check out https://en.wordpress.com/tags/
    I use Categories for the main grouping and tags for the “subfolders myself. for example: Category: Canada; Tags: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Maritime provinces, History. You’ll find as time goes on these Cs & Ts will become your blog’s filing system.

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