Sackville Community Garden, Charles St.

Last Saturday afternoon, my friend Soze and I attended the 2017 sign-up for the Sackville Community Garden. It was held at the Sackville Commons on Main St., and included a get-to-know-your-fellow-gardeners potluck, as well as a seed swap and information session.


Attended by members of the Daybreak group (,  as well as “Town and Gown” folks (Mt A students, plus regular Sackvillains like me and Soze), the event was hosted by SCG coordinators Melody Petlock and Tina Oh, with a few able helpers.

The meal started off with an awesome homemade baba ganoush dip with chips, as well as dried apple slices (Annapolis Valley apples!), which were positively addicting (so much so that I brought a big baggie home…). After these appetizers, everyone tucked into a beautiful scoff of grilled sausages and salads, curried greens and coleslaw, meatloaf and rice; and finished with brownie pie, chocolate chip cookie squares, and the prettiest (and yummiest) mini carrot cakes I have ever eaten!

The SCG’s previous coordinator resigned after last summer, and the board of directors has decided to give it a go this year with strictly volunteers at the helm. This means all members will have to pitch in to ensure a successful season. Everyone who pays for a plot is also encouraged to sign up for one of three working groups: fundraising (sale of produce at the Farmers’ Market; grant writing), garden care (repairs, pruning, weeding), or community outreach (social media; website updates). In signing up, you agree to pledge at least 10 hours of your time to community gardening efforts over the season.

One of the great things about the SCG is that it is committed to being a safe, inclusive, happy and enjoyable place for folks of all ages and backgrounds to gather, garden, and socialize. Even on a cold, rainy day in April (when the place is deserted), the Garden has a certain welcoming atmosphere about it. When you visit, you can’t help but notice that along with the gorgeous grape arbour off to one side, one of the most interesting things at the Garden is the bake oven.


The brick wood-fired bake oven is a project that was funded, created and built in 2014 with the assistance of Renaissance Sackville ( and Fundy StoneCraft, with the inaugural bake being held on June 21, 2014. Around 120 people attended this first event in honour of the Summer Solstice, and the oven has remained a popular draw for the past two summers. This summer, SCG will be hosting “Bake Oven Fridays,” where Sackvillains can bring their goodies to be baked in the wood-fired oven, and then hang out and socialize at the Garden (bring a picnic supper!) with friends and family.


For more information on the Sackville Community Garden and their activities, follow them on their blog (, on Facebook (/Sackville-Community-Garden), or email For 2017, you can choose from 2 plot sizes: a half (4’x8’) or a whole (4’x16’). Half plots are $20 and full plots are $40 for the growing season. After the long winter, I, for one, am surely looking forward to getting out and getting my hands dirty!


One thought on “Sackville Community Garden, Charles St.

  1. That’s incredible. When I lived in Madison we had beautiful community gardens like this too. Now that I live in Chicago we don’t have anything quite similar and I truly miss it. What a wonderful oven you all built as well.


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