Tap Talk 11.05.2017

Last Saturday night, Mr. Sackvillain and I were lucky enough to be able to attend the Rotary Club of Sackville’s Spring Bash. It was held at Tantramar Regional High School, and featured wine, beer, and spirit tasting from 7-9pm, followed by a dance, with live music by Freefall. This was our first time being able to attend the Spring Bash, and thankfully, TRHS is within walking (staggering?) distance of home, because there were lots of opportunities to sample the beer, wine, and spirits on display.


When we arrived, we had to turn in our whole tickets, which I was just a little disappointed over – I like to keep ticket stubs for remembrances. Rotarian Charlie Scobie was the Glass Master, handing each new arrival an empty wine glass for sampling. At each tasting area, there was a rinse/spit station so you didn’t get too smashed too fast, and more importantly, so you didn’t mix your beer sample with your previous wine sample!

Organizers estimated that there were about 200 Sackvillains in attendance (200 being the top number of tickets available): lots of local movers and shakers, which meant lots of schmoozing going on in between the sampling.

For Mr. Sackvillain, it was a chance to talk with the liquor reps and tease out some important information that he could relay to his customers. Our first stop was the booth for the Richibucto River Wine Estate, a company that unfortunately does not have any product on the shelves at ANBL Sackville, although they are currently working hard to change that. Diving right in, we tried everything they had on offer, which, as you can see from this photo, was more than a few…


(We quite enjoyed all that we tasted, except I am not a huge fan of sparkling wine – that would be the pink bottle of rosé, High Tide, as well as the one just to the right of it, the dry white, or Low Tide.)

We also chatted with the very charming Jamie with Churchill Dauphinée (a division of Churchill Cellars, Ltd.) so Mr. Sackvillain could try the Kiwi Walk Sauvingnon Blanc – which apparently held up to the hype, and tasted of guava, blackcurrant and thyme – and I could sip the Fuzion Alta Torrontes Pinot Grigio (fresh and fruity, with notes of pear, pineapple, and banana, and which I quite enjoyed, although not as much as the Château de Gourgazaud Tradition – a Syrah-like red that was spicy and peppery, and reminiscent of smoked meat – that I tried right after).


At last we ended up at the Garrison booth with Ronnie, who was very knowledgeable in micro-brewery matters. She came with a selection of six Garrison brews: Tall Ship, Irish Red, Raspberry Wheat, Hoppy Buoy IPA, Hopyard APA, and the Nut Brown. (The current Garrison Seasonal on tap at the Sackville ANBL is a mix of the Raspberry Wheat and the Nut Brown. A beautiful combination!)


If you have a chance to attend the Rotary’s Spring Bash next year, don’t hesitate. It is a great chance to sample products from many different wineries/breweries/distilleries, including some great local favourites!



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