Tap Talk 15.06.2017

Acadian-Philadelphia (Beer Cocktail) – from the Distillerie Fils du Roy: Layer a nut-brown ale with a spruce ale. Sip, and remember, with great solemnity, le Grand Dérangement.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s epic poem, Évangéline, was published 170 years ago this week, in 1847. It tells the story of two lovers, Évangéline Bellefontaine and Gabriel Lajeunesse, who are forced apart shortly after their marriage during the Expulsion of the Acadians (1755). They wander North America for many years in search of each other, before eventually finding each other in a hospital in Philadelphia, PA – whereupon Gabriel dies in the arms of his beloved.

Ev & Gab

To mark the anniversary of publication, a number of breweries in part of the region once known as Acadie have released special beers in honour of the poem. Inspiration for the project comes from these lines:

Then Évangéline lighted the brazen lamp on the table,
Filled, till it overflowed, the pewter tankard with home-brewed
Nut-brown ale, that was famed for its strength in the village of Grand-Pré

Breweries in New Brunswick (Acadie-Broue, Brasseux d’la Côte, CAVOK Brewing, Distillerie Fils du Roy, Flying Boats Brewing, Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault, Savoie’s Brewhouse), Quebec (À l’abri de la Tempête, Microbrasserie le Naufrageur), and Louisiana (Cajun Brewing) have each brewed their version of an Acadian or Cajun Nut-Brown Ale.

Take some time this week to sample Distillerie Fils du Roy’s Évangéline (nut brown ale), as well as their Gabriel (spruce ale), either separately, or together – as they were meant to be.



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