(and free oysters!)

I’ll be honest, this was the part of the event summary that caught my eye. Afishionado Fishmongers out of Halifax came to Sackville last night to do an info session on their Catch of the Week subscription program. Both before and after the presentation, which was held at the Sackville Commons, the lovely Hana Nelson brought … Continue reading (and free oysters!)


Sackville Community Garden, Charles St.

Last Saturday afternoon, my friend Soze and I attended the 2017 sign-up for the Sackville Community Garden. It was held at the Sackville Commons on Main St., and included a get-to-know-your-fellow-gardeners potluck, as well as a seed swap and information session. Attended by members of the Daybreak group (http://www.daybreaksackvillenb.com),  as well as “Town and Gown” … Continue reading Sackville Community Garden, Charles St.